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PMS 007 80s Revolution Italo Disco Vol 4 CD1

01.Roxana - In Your Eyes (Vocal Version) 02.Swan - General Custer (12 Version) 03.Torrevado - Living In The Shuttle (Extended Version) 04.Florence - Trading Love (Mix Version) 05.93rd Superbowl - Forever And A Day (12 Version) 06.Fake - Donna Rouge (Remix 87) 07.Midnight Passion - I Need Your Love (Extended Version) 08.Lee Marrow - Shanghai (Remix Vesion) 09.Paul Paul - Good Times (12 Version) 10.Quibos - Quibos (Extended Version) 11.Ray Forster - Run To Me (Extended Version) 12.Ken Laszlo - Let Me Try (12 Version)

PMS 007 80s Revolution Italo Disco Vol 4 CD2

01.Cruisin Gang - Be My Life (Extended Version) 02.Frank Hino - Flying Dream (Vocal Version) 03.Tommy - One Night (Extended Remix) 04.Solo - Harem (12 Version) 05.Forbidden Fruits - Disco Halloween (Vocal Version) 06.Max Him - No Escape (Vocal Remix) 07.Premio Nobel - Baby Doll (12 Version) 08.Jimmy Mc Foy - Hi Girl (Extended Dj Mix) 09.Wish Key - Last Summer (Extended Remix 87) 10.Radiorama - Hey Hey (Extended Remix 89) 11.R.Bais - Take The Love (Extended Version) 12.Valerie Dore - Lancelot (Extended Version)

PMS 006 80s Revolution Euro Disco Vol.2 CD1

01.Axodry - You (Beauty & The Beat Mix) 02.C.C.Catch - Nothing But A Heartache (Long Version) 03.Secret Lovers - I See It In Your Eyes (Maxi Version) 04.Veronique - Jungle Man (Extended Version) 05.The Twins - Time Will Tell (Extended Dance Mix) 06.Hearts On Fire - Hearts On Fire (Extended Version) 07.Shirley Parker - Lover For A Minute (Special Mix) 08.Roxanne - Give A Little Love (Maxi Version) 09.Shanghai - Rosalina (Extended Parada Mix) 10.Casablanca - The Girl Of Lucifer (Extended Version) 11.Sensitiv - Burning Emotion (Extended Version)

PMS 006 80s Revolution Euro Disco Vol.2 CD2

01.Silent Circle - What A Shame (Masterbeat Mix) 02.Fesh - Scandal Eyes (Special T.I.T. Mix) 03.Secret Star - I Need A Man (12 Inch Version) 04.Twenty One - The Eyes Of Don Johnson (Maxi Version) 05.Jessica - Chinese Magic (Extended Mix) 06.Private Movies - Red Lantern (Extended Version) 07.Venus - Hot Sun On Video (Maxi Version) 08. Private Blue - Shes Love (12 Inch Version) 09. Call It Heaven - Boys, Boys, Boys (Extended Version) 10. Jacky Dean Foundation - Caravan Of Love (The Dance Version) 11.Arabesque - Time To Say Good Bye (Extended Mix)

PMS 005 80s Revolution Disco Pop Vol.2 CD1

01.Laid Back - High Society Girl (Long Dub Version) 02.Go West - We Close Our Eyes (Total Overhang Club Mix) 03.Celebrate The Nun - Will You Be There (Extended Version) 04.Brother Beyond - The Harder I Try (12 Version) 05.Jermaine Stewart - Get Lucky (Extended Remix) 06.Roxette - Neverending Love (Euro-Mix) 07.Johnny Hates Jazz - I Dont Want To Be A Hero (12 Mix) 08.Climie Fisher - Love Changes (Everything) (Love Mix) 09.Visitors - Never So Blue (12 Dance Mix) 10.Slizzy Bob - Glasses (Extended Dance Mix) 11.Glass Tiger - Dont Forget Me (When Im Gone) (Death Mix)

PMS 005 80s Revolution Disco Pop Vol.2 CD2

01.Boytronic - You (Extended Version) 02.Al Corley - Square Rooms (Long Version) 03.Boys From Brazil - Hot Stuff (12 Inch Version) 04.Erasure - Oh Lamour (Pwl Funky Sisters Say Ooh La La) 05.Hazell Dean - Whos Leaving Who (Boys Are Back In Town Mix) 06.O.M.D. - Secret (New 12 Remix) 07.China Crisis - Hanna Hanna (Extended Mix) 08.Pebbles - Girlfriend (Extended Version) 09.Animotion - Obsession (Dance Mix) 10.Secret Service - Flash In The Night (Album Version) 11.Second Mission - Kyrieleison (For All Of Us) (12 Version)

PMS 004 Dresden China - Dresden China (Deluxe Edition)

01.Steam Roller Introduction 02.Fire And Rain 03.Tonight You ve Got No Friend 04.So Young And Wild 05.Dont Leave Me With A Broken Heart 06.Who Said Good-Bye 07.Come Back 08.Nightflyer 09.We Are Wise 10.Let Me Kiss You 11.Dancing On Broadway 12.Fire And Rain (Maxi Version) 13.Tonight You ve Got No Friend (Maxi Version) 14.Run For Your Life 15.Turbo Nights 16.Life On A Wild Side 17.Hard To Be Lonely 18.So Young And Wild (Demo) 19.Fire And Rain (Demo) (First Version) 20.Who Said Good-Bye (Demo)

PMS 003 Diskothek 80 CD2

01.Vanilla - Paradise Mi Amor (Maxi-Single Version) 02.Fancy - Lady Of Ice (Maxi-Single Version) 03.The Twins - Ballet Dancer (Club Mix) (Long Version) 04.Fun Fun - Give Me Your Love (Have Fun! Album Version) 05.Carrara - Disco King (Vocal Remix) 06.Ryan Paris - Dolce Vita (Extended Vocal Version) 07.Bruce & Bongo - Geil (Geilomatick Mix) 08.Roxanne - Charlene (Long Version) 09.Lee Marrow - Sayonara (Dont Stop...) (Extended Vocal Version) 10.Limit Eccitation - In The Dark (Extended Vocal Version) 11.Visage - Fade To Grey (Extended Maxi Version)

PMS 003 Diskothek 80 CD1

01.Beagle Music Ltd. - Daydream (Maxi-Single Version) 02.Silent Circle - Touch In The Night (Crash Version) 03.Max Him - Lady Fantasy (Extended Vocal Version) 04.Secret Service - Flash In The Night (Long Remix Version) 05.Bad Boys Blue - Pretty Young Girl (Maxi-Single Version) 06.Hazell Dean - Searchin (Special Remix) 07.Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy (Extended Vocal Version) 08.Scotch - Disco Band (Extended Vocal Version) 09.Cosa Rosa - Toledo Girl (Extended Vocal Version) 10.Martinelli - Cenerentola (Cinderella) (Extended Vocal Version) 11.Radiorama - Chance To Desire (Extended Vocal Version)

PMS 002 80s Revolution Euro Disco Vol.1 CD2

01.C.C.Catch - Good Guys Only Win In Movies 02.Caesar - My Black Lady (Red Rock Mix) 03.Divo - We Cant Go On (Remix Dance Version) 04.Humphrey Robertson - Love In Your Eyes 05.Shanghai - Ballerina (Special 12 Club Mix) 06.Secret Service - Let Us Dance Just A Little Bit More (Extended Dance Mix) 07.Fair Control - Symphony Of Love 08.Sarah - Tokyo Town (Extended Geisha-Mix) 09.Troll - Jimmy Dean 10.Bandolero - Paris Latino (Hot-US Mix) 11.Marcel Fobert & Folie Club - Rapfolie (Extended Vocal Version)

PMS 002 80s Revolution Euro Disco Vol.1 CD1

01.Piano Fantasia - Song For Denise (Audiophile Dance Mix) 02.Morris - Tonights The Night (Extended Dance Mix) 03.Francesco Napoli - Stai Con Me (Special Italian Power Remix) 04.Leslie Mandoki - Korea (Special Arirang Version) 05.Blue Monday - No Return 06.Sabrina - Boys (Re-Mix By Pete Hammond) 07.The Buckbeats - Daydream (PWL Beat Boys Mix) 08.Gentle Touch - The Fire Of Love (Extended Dance Mix) 09.Unknown Art - Easy To Please Me 10.Dresden China - Fire And Rain 11.Prime Time - I Cant Get Enough

PMS 001 80s Revolution Disco Pop Vol 1 CD2

01.Desireless - Voyage Voyage (Britmix) 02.Boytronic - Dont Let Me Down (US Club Mix) 03.F.R.David - Dont Go (Version Longue) 04.Camouflage - Love Is A Shield (Extended Version) 05.O.M.D. - We Love You (Extended Version) 06.ABC - The Look Of Love (US Remix) 07.Debut De Soiree - La Vie La Nuit (Extended Remix) 08.Ofra Haza - Im NinAlu (Extended Mix) 09.Stephanie - Irresistible (12 Version) 10.Nik Kershaw - I Wont Let The Sun Go Down On Me (Extended Remix) 11.Taco - Puttin On The Ritz (Extended Version)

PMS 001 80s Revolution Disco Pop Vol 1 CD1

01.Real Life - Send Me An Angel (89 Dance Mix) 02.The Twins - Love System (Re-Recorded Dance Version) 03.Mysterious Art - Das Omen (Teil 1)(Extended Mix) 04.Johnny Hates Jazz - Dont Say Its Love (Extended Remix) 05.Split Mirrors - The Right Time (Extended Version) 06.Hazell Dean - Turn It Into Love (Extended Version) 07.Deborah Sasson - Passion And Pain (Extended Version) 08.Dusty Springfield - In Private (12 Version) 09.Glass Tiger - Someday (Extended Mix) 10.Kim Wilde - The Second Time (US Remix) 11.Pia Zadora - Lets Dance Tonight (Extended Version)