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ZYX Italo Disco New Generation Vol.17 CD2

01.Boytronic - You Cant Get Fooled By Love (Flemming Dalum Remix) 02. Also Playable Mono - Higher (Extended MIx) 03.Marcos Rodriguez Feat. Keneida - In This World (Italoconnection Remix) 04.Grant Miller - One Day (Italo Disco Remix) 05.Dyva - Geronimo (Special ZYX Ri-Mix) 06.K.B. Caps - Hot Summer Nights (Extended Version) 07.Eric C. Powell Feat. Andrea Powell - Need A Place (Parralox Remix) 08.Linda Jo Rizzo - Dance In The Moonlight (Flemming Dalum Remix) 09.Electric City Cowboys - In The Summertime (ZYX Extended) 10.Francesca Gastaldi - Whats In The Night (Extended Version) 11.Denny Beeth & Adelina - Aliens 3000 12.P. Lion - Happy Children (Flemming Dalum Remix)

Italo Disco New Generation Vol.17 CD1 (Premiera 04.09.2020)

01.Savage - Italodisco (Flemming Dalum Remix) 02.Italove - The Mirror (Extended Version) 03.Synergic Silence Feat. Fred Ventura - Youre So Fine (Italoconnection Remix) 04.Knights - Gelato (Flemming Dalum Remix) 05.Otto One - My Game (Extended Mix) 06.Tam Harrow - Your Love Is So Nice (1st Extended) 07.Gazzapo & Mr Woodcut - Christine (IAMNOTAROBOT Remix) 08.Soulya Id - Everybody (Special Mix) 09.Nico Band - Let It Show (Also Playable Mono Dub Revision) 10.Mode One - Man On The Moon (Extended Mix) 11.Italoconnection - Nightride (Extended Mix) 12.Chillymouse - Touch My Heart (Flemming Dalum Remix)

Savage - Love And Rain (Premiera 07.02.2020)

Savage Album. 01.Every Second Of My Life (Ouverture) 02.Dont Say You Leave Me 03.I Love You (Radio Version) 04.Italodisco 05.Where Is The Freedom 06.Remember Me 07.Remember Me 08.Moon Is Falling 09.In My Dreams 10.80 Musica 11.Alone 12.Over The Rainbow 13.Your Eyes 14.Im Crazy For You 15.Every Second Of My Life 16.Only You (Symphonic Version)

Mode One - Man On The Moon (Maxisingiel Vinyl)

A1.Mode One - Man On The Moon (Extended Mix) 6.41 A2.Mode One - Man On The Moon (Radio Edit) 3.29 B1.Mode One - Your Heaven Is My Hell (Extended Mix) 7.17 B2.Mode One - Your Heaven Is My Hell (Original Version) 7.18

Italo Made In Spain Vol.1

01.Mixed By Juan Martinez & Toni Bafles (Long Version) 02.Night In Wales - Sunday Night 03.Stylove Feat. Naoky - Now Close Your Eyes 04.Laetitia - I Will Surrender 05.Ken Laszlo - Tonight 2017 06.C.C.Catch - Backseat Of Your Cadillac 2017 07.Frank Lozano - I Wanna Fly 08.Rakel Project - Estas En Mi Corazon 09.Stylove Feat. Night In Wales & Mark Ashley - Stay 10.Laetitia - Give Me La Fiesta 11.Blue Talking - Give Love A Change 12.Don Leone - In The Middle Of Love 13.Stylove Feat. Birizdo - Kiss Me Baby

ZYX Italo Disco New Generation Vol. 13 CD.1

01.Stockholm Nightlife – Stay One Day (Cliff Wedge Special Zyx Remix 2018) 02.Carino Cat – Balabina 03.Italoconnection – Neon Disco (Flemming Dalum Remix) 04.Mode One Feat. Lian Ross – I Still Love You (Extended Mix) 05.Verona – Life Will Never Be The Same (Extended Version) 06.Denny Beeth & Adelina – Docs Brain (Flemming Dalum Remix) 07.Amaya – Feeling Something (Vocal Version) 08.Diego La Riva – Desire (Extended Version) 09.Synergetic Silence Feat. Fred Ventura – Follow Your Instinct (Italoconnection Remix) 10.Peter Wilson – Overdrive (Mirko Hirsch Extended Mix) 11.Victor Ark feat. Linda Jo Rizzo – Just An Illusion (Italo Disco 12 Vocal Mix) 12.Cyber Space – Mysterious Affair

ZYX Italo Disco New Generation Vol. 13 CD.2

01.Fun Boy – Pretty Face (Extended Mix) 02.Mandy Mancini – Love Me! (DJ Peach Club Remix) 03.Naoky Feat. Stylove – Cybernetic Love (Extended Mix) 04.Tam Harrow (Feat. Tom Hooker) – No Time To Say Goodbye 05.Yuhniversia – Glitter (Extended) 06.Estimado – You Try To Help me (ZYX Mix) 07.Barry Lane & Vanello – Journey To The Moon (ZYX Space Mix) 08.Neo – Romantic Miracle Time (Really, Really, Really!) (Extended Version) 09.Dyva – Harsh Wind (Flemming Dalum Remix) 10.David Verona – I Wanna See You In My Life 11.Italowarriors – The Warrior (120 Italo Version) 12.Mike Kremlin – Bye Bye Mi Amor (Flemming Dalum Club Version)

ZYX Italo Disco New Generation Bootmix Vol.4

MIX.1 01.Amaya 02.Emy Care 03.Soulya Id 04.Heaven42 05.Nea! 06.Brizdo I Am 07.Ryan Paris 08.D.White 09.Talking Eyes 10.Ramantic Avenue Feat.Heaven42 11.Albert One 12.Avenue 13.Dimension One 14.Synergic Silence Feat.Fred Ventura 15.Lenroy 16.Digitalo 17.Cyber Space 18.Italove 19.Linda Jo Rizzo 20.Variety 21.Zion And Kristian Conde 22.Nation In Blue 23.Marce MIX.2 01.Lost Legacy 02.Heaven42 Feat.Mirko Hirsch 03.D.White Feat.Soulya Id 04.Kristian Conde 05.Estimado 06.Mode One 07.Boris Zivago 08.Malcom And The Bad Girls 09.Siberian Heat 10.Digitalo 11.Romantic Avenue Feat..Quino 12.Amaya 13.Lenroy 14.Magic System DJ itd.

ZYX Italo Disco New Generation Bootmix Vol.3

MIX.1 01.Helicon 02.Siberian Heat 03.Joey Mauro Pres. Fred Ventura 04.Amaya 05.Rago 06.Synthgo 07.Remo Zito 08.Heaven42 09.M@rgo Feat.Mode-One 10.The Sweeps. MIX.2 01.Fred Ventura 02.Digitalo 03.Linda Jo Rizzo 04.M-Tracking 05.Talking Eyes 06.Dean Corporation 07.Phalanx 08.Linda Jo Rizzo Feat. Ryan Paris 09.TQ Feat. John Sauli MIX.3 01.Linda Jo Rizzo 02.Boris Zhivago 03.Raf Coney 04.Siberian Heat 05.Aldo Lesina 06.Aldo Lesina 07.TQ Feat. Ken Laszlo And Fred Ventura 08.Miko Mission 09.Cristina Manzano

ZYX Italo Disco New Generation Bootmix Vol.2

MIX.1 01.Neon Game 02.Reale Accademia 03.Italove 04.Savage 05.Emy Care 06.D. White 07.Discobonus 08.Time Machine Feat. Albert One 09.Tom Hooker And Miki Chieregato 10.Brian Ice 11.Digitalo 12.Boris Zhivago 13.D.J. Savage 14.The Sweeps 15.Joey Mauro MIX.2 01.Peter Wilson 02.Romantic Avenue Feat. Michael Nolen 03.Italove Feat. Ken Laszlo 04.Joey Mauro 05.Ken Laszlo 06.Modern Tracking 07.Italon 08.Alden Tyrell And Fred Ventura 09.Foxbox 10.Rick De Moore 11.Linda Jo Rizzo Feat. Fancy 12.Estimado 13.Tess 14.Tommy Sun 15.Linda Jo Rizzo Feat. Dj Hamar

ZYX Italo Disco New Generation Bootmix Vol.1

MIX 1 01.Dyva 02.Dario 03.Miko Mission 04.Nikita Fomin 05.Boy Blue 06.Magic System DJ 07.Retronic Voice 08.Eddy Huntington 09.Joy Peters 10.Mode One 11.Tiziana Rivale 12.Ryan Paris 13.Squash Gang 14.Vyck Vyo 15.The Sweeps MIX 2 01.Amaya 02.Italove 03.The Sweeps 04.Eddy Huntington 05.D.J. Savage 06.Lenroy 07.Boris Zhivago 08.Mirko Hirsch 09.Synthesis 10.Tommy Sun 11.TQ 12.Galactic Warriors 13.Robbie Groove And Mattias Feat. Cece Rogers With Master Freez 14.DK Duke vs. Paul & Simon

Mark Fruttero - Fairyland

01.Marc Fruttero - Disco Silvia (Album Version) 02.Mark Fruttero - Memories (Extended Remix) 03.Mark Fruttero - Deep Inside Of Your Heart (Extended Version) 04.Mark Fruttero - Darkness (Turin Mix) 05.Mark Fruttero - Tell Me Now (Dance Version) 06.Mark Fruttero - I Wanna Live With You (Miami Mix) 07.Mark Fruttero - If You re Feeling Blue (Extended Mix) 08.Mark Fruttero - Fairyland (Extended Verion) 09.Mark Fruttero - Divertissement (Extended Version) 10.Mark Fruttero - Crying For Love (Extended Remix) 11.Mark Fruttero - Please My Love (Extended Remix) 12.Mark Fruttero - Moments Of Surprise (Extended Version)

Dyva - Back Into The Light

01.Dyva - Clap Again (Extended Version) 02.Dyva - I Know (Short First Version) 03.Dyva - Please My Love (Extended Version) 04.Dyva - Stay With Me Tonight (Short Version) 05.Dyva - Oh Mama, Tonight! (Extended Version) 06.Dyva - Cannery The Canary (Extended First Version) 07.Dyva - On Fire (Caldo Mix - Extended Version) 08.Dyva - If You re Feeling Blue (Short Version) 09.Dyva - Memories (Extended Version) 10.Dyva - Day After Day (Short Re-Mastered Version)

Presence Of The Past Vol.2

01.Fred Ventura & Andy Romano - I Want You Back (Extended Version) 02.Tiziana Rivale - Ash (Vocal Version) 03.Felli - Shadows Of The Night (Wizard Mix) 04.Riccardo Campa - Desperado (Extended Version) 05.Dyva - My Love (P.R. Mix) 06.Peter Arcade - The Fairytale (Vocal Version) 07.Bruno Mosti - Music Of My Star (Vocal Version) 08.George Aaron - Heaven (Clouds Mix) 09.Patty - My Name Is Patty (Vocal Version) 10.Karl Otto & Joey Mauro - Come Into My Dream (Moog Version)

Presence Of The Past Vol.1

01.Lazarus - Wait (Remix Version) 02.Dyva - On Fire (Caldo Mix) 03.Marc Fruttero - If You re Feeling Blue (Another Version) 04.Bruno Mosti - Stay With Me (Vocal Version) 05.Karl Otto & Joey Mauro - Electric Love (Extended Version) 06.O Ryan - Everyday Man (Extended Version) 07.Marc Fruttero - I Wanna Live With You (Extended Version) 08.L.A. Messina - My Illusion (Wawa Version) 09.Dyva - Memories (Extended Version) 10.Aquarius - Darkness (Re-Mastered Version)

Joy Peters - Back To Joy (2012)

01.Joy Peters - Asian Heart 02.Joy Peters - I Wish You Were Here 03.Joy Peters - Don t Lose Your Heart 04.Joy Peters - Sweetest Dream 05.Joy Peters - Who Took My Girl 06.Joy Peters - Starchild 07.Joy Peters - The Passion Of Love 08.Joy Peters - When Angels Talk 09.Joy Peters - Don t Ask Me Why 10.Joy Peters - Sign Of Love 11.Joy Peters - A Star In Heaven 12.Joy Peters - Robot Rule 13.Joy Peters - One Night In Love 14.Joy Peters - I m Back To Stay 15.Joy Peters - Joy Megamix (By Martin Verlaan)

Retronic Voice - Awakening (2012)

01.Retronic Voice - Awakening - Intro 02.Retronic Voice - Menace To Society (Extended Mix) 03.Retronic Voice - Feel The Night 04.Retronic Voice - Real People 05.Retronic Voice - I m All Around 06.Retronic Voice - Fighter 07.Retronic Voice (Feat. Alicja) - Bessina 08.Retronic Voice - Deciding The End 09.Retronic Voice - Dancing In My Dream 10.Retronic Voice - Shot Down 11.Retronic Voice - Counting Seconds 12.Retronic Voice - White Lies 13.Retronic Voice - The Awakening 14.Retronic Voice - Feel The Night

Mirko Hirsch - Obsession (Deluxe Edition) (2016)

01.Intro 02.Calling Your Number 03.Turn Me On 04.Pandora s Box 05.Fire (Long Version) 06.Love Hurts 07.Obsession 08.Heartbeat 09.Midnight Rendezvous 10.Shout It Out 11.Sweet Surrender 12.All The Night 13.Tell Me 14.Best of Friends 15.Obsession - The Album Megamix 16.Intro (Pure Version) 17.Calling your Number (Retake) 18.Fire (Original Version) 19.Sweet Surrender (Maxi Version) 20.All the Night (Special Maxi Mix) 21.Best of Friends (Instrumental Version) 22.Love Hurts (Instrumental Version) 23.Pandora s Box (Instrumental Retake) 24.Sweet Surrender (Slow Version) 25.Fire (Instrumental Version) 26.Hey Operator (Instrumental Version) 27.Fire (Marco Rochowski Remix) 28.Under Fire (Demo) 29.Rain

Mirko Hirsch - Obsession (2011)

01.Mirko Hirsch - Intro 02.Mirko Hirsch - Calling Your Number 03.Mirko Hirsch - Turn Me On 04.Mirko Hirsch - Pandora s Box 05.Mirko Hirsch - Fire 06.Mirko Hirsch - Love Hurts 07.Mirko Hirsch - Obsession 08.Mirko Hirsch - Heartbeat 09.Mirko Hirsch - Midnight Rendezvous 10.Mirko Hirsch - Shout It Out 11.Mirko Hirsch - Sweet Surrender 12.Mirko Hirsch - All The Night 13.Mirko Hirsch - Tell Me 14.Mirko Hirsch - Best Of Friends 15.Mirko Hirsch - Sweet Surrender (Slow Version)

Riccardo Campa - The Italian Way

01.Riccardo Campa - Intro 02.Riccardo Campa - Desperado 03.Riccardo Campa - Maybe You 04.Riccardo Campa - Looking For Away 05.Riccardo Campa - Mistress Of My Heart 06.Riccardo Campa - Celebration 07.Riccardo Campa - Cyborg Woman 08.Riccardo Campa - Aurora 09.Riccardo Campa - Angels Of Love 10.Riccardo Campa - Delantero 11.Riccardo Campa - That s All I Want 12.Riccardo Campa - Casanova 13.Riccardo Campa - Secret Agent Man 14.Riccardo Campa - Another Day

Various - Venti Compilation 2 CD2

01.Mention - No Changes (Vocal Version) 02.Mirko Hirsch - Fire (Vocal Version) 03.Marc & Susy - In My Mind (Vocal Version) 04. Lectric Workers - For Hours Now (Remix Version) 05.Fockewulf 190 - Body Heat (New Version By Victor Life) 06.Loopside - File Of Love (Vocal Version) 07.Mirko Hirsch - Love Hurts (Vocal Version) 08.Flexx - Theme From Deep (Alden Tyrell 2010 Rework) 09.Armando Ferro - See You In Venice (Remix Version) 10.Trans-X - I Want To Be With You Tonight (Extended Version)

Various - Venti Compilation 2 CD1

01.Ryan Paris - I Wanna Love You Once Again (Extended Version) 02.Antilles - You And Me (Vocal Version) 03.Closed - Crazy Love (Extended Version) 04.Alan Cook - Resiste Amor (Vocal Version) 05.Monika Novak - I Want You Back (Vocal Version) 06.Miko Mission - Let It Be Love (Savino Mix) 07.Closed - Don t Stop Moving (Gino & Savino Mix) 08.Marc & Susy - Fly Me To The Moon (Vocal Version) 09.Monika Novak - Lane Of My Life (Vocal Version) 10.Trans X - How Long Last Love (Extended Version)

Various - Venti Compilation 1 CD2

01.George Aaron - Fear (Vocal Version) 02.Galaxy Hunter - We Came From Space (Earth Version) 03.Fred Ventura - When I Let You Down (Extended Version) 04.Mention - Strange World (Vocal Version) 05.23rd Underpass - Youll Never Know (Extended Version) 06.Jimmy Mc Foy - Do You Believe (Vintage Mix) 07.Bruno Mosti - Zero Gravity (Extended Version) 08.Stage - I Cant Get You Out Of My Mind (Dance Version) 09.Galaxy Hunter - Black Celebration (Earth Version) 10.23rd Underpass - Sometimes (Extended Version)

Various - Venti Compilation 1 CD1

01.Swan - Shining Star (Vocal Version) 02.Savage - Twothousandnine (Italomaxi Version) 03.Mr Zivago - Russian Paradise (Dance Version) 04.Monika Novak - Living On The Run (Vocal Version) 05.Eddy Huntington - Love For Russia (Ruble Version) 06.Buckingham Palace - Give Me Your Name (Extended Version) 07.Ken Laszlo - Dancing Together (Vocal Version) 08.Monika Novak - Lovely Witch (Vocal Version) 09.2 Get Her - Japanese Girl (Vocal Version) 10.Paul Parker - Don t stop (Hi Nrg Remix)

Mike Mareen - Dance Control

01.Mike Mareen - Here I Am 02.Mike Mareen - Cecilla (Remix) 03.Mike Mareen - Double Trouble 04.Mike Mareen - Peace To Mindkind 05.Mike Mareen - Dancing In The Dark 06.Mike Mareen - Midnight Runners 07.Mike Mareen - Back To Happy Days 08.Mike Mareen - Walkin Highway 09.Mike Mareen - Days I Remember

Siberian Heat & Elen Cora - Brilliants Best Of Us (Vinyl SP Records 2015)

Side A: Siberian Heat - Pick Up The Phone (Zyx Summer Mix) Siberian Heat - Don t Stop The Music (Special Zyx Maxi Version) Siberian Heat - Shadows (ZYX Long Mix) Side A: Siberian Heat - Magic Blue Eyes (Maxi Version) Siberian Heat - Flute Cries (Maxi Version) Elen Cora - Astronomers In China (Maxi Version)

Boris Zhivago - Love In Russia (Vinyl Album)

Side A: Boris Zhivago - Intro Boris Zhivago - Love In Russia Boris Zhivago - In The Streets Of Moskow Boris Zhivago - The Last Goodbye Side B: Boris Zhivago - In A World Of Fantasy Boris Zhivago - Russian Girl (Summer Mix) Boris Zhivago - One Day

Boris Zhivago - Love In Russia

01.Boris Zhivago - For The Love In Your Eyes 02.Boris Zhivago - Lana 03.Boris Zhivago - From Russia With Love 04.Boris Zhivago - Russian Girl 05.Boris Zhivago - Lonely Lover 06.Boris Zhivago - In My Arms 07.Boris Zhivago - Deep In My Heart 08.Boris Zhivago - The Memories Of My Heart 09.Boris Zhivago - The Years Go By 10.Boris Zhivago - You & Me 11.Boris Zhivago - Love In Russia 12.Boris Zhivago - The Final Chapter 13.Boris Zhivago - One More Time 14.Boris Zhivago - Once Upon A Time 15.Boris Zhivago - No More Love 2014 (BONUS TRACK) 16.Boris Zhivago - In A World Of Fantasy 2014 (BONUS TRACK)

Modern Boots - Boulevard Of My Dreams

01.Modern Boots - Hold Me Tight 02.Modern Boots - Love Is A Game 03.Modern Boots - Be My Lover 04.Modern Boots - In The Passion Of My Life 05.Modern Boots - Give Me The Night, Give Me The Day 06.Modern Boots - Tell Me The Reason You Said Goodbye 07.Modern Boots - On Fire 08.Modern Boots - Feel My Broken Heart 09.Modern Boots - Boulevard Of My Dreams 10.Modern Boots - In A World Of Jealousy 11.Modern Boots - Memories 12.Modern Boots - All My Life 13.Modern Boots - Tears Of A Broken Heart 14.Modern Boots - Guinevere

Beach Club Italo Disco Vol. 1 (Vinyl Album)

Side A: Ken Martina - Another Melody (Extended Mix) Boy Blue - One Day (Vocal Version) Modern Boots - Tears Of A Broken Heart (Extended Version) Side B: Momento – I Used To Be (Remix Vocal) Boy Blue – Alone Again (Extended Version) Ranger – Don t Play Games (Extended Disco Mix)

Various - Alan Brando Project The Second Experiment

01.Angelica Rose - My Love Is Always Forever (Extended Version) 02.Angelico - On Fire (Vocal Version) 03.Boy Blue - Long Ago (Extended Version) 04.Elario Dante - One Day (Long Edit) 05.Aldo Lesina - Fly In The Sky With Me (Disco Mix) 06.Marco Polo - Dance All The Night (Dance Mix) 07.Ken Martina - Goodbye (Extended Version) 08.Tommy Sun - Summertime (Long Version) 09.Alan Brando - Love Is Always On My Mind (Long Version) 10.Casanova - Bella Donna (Extended Mix) 11.Emy Care - Fly In The Sky (Dance Mix)

Various - Alan Brando Project The First Strike

01.Casanova - Angel Eyes (Full Extended) 02.Alan Brando - Once Upon A Time (Vocal Version) 03.Ken Martina - Cinderella (Vocal Extended Mix) 04.Ken Martina - Love Is Forever (Extended Version) 05.Tommy Sun - Dancer (Italo Mix) 06.Boy Blue - One Day (Vocal Version) 07.Ken Martina - Another Melody (Extended Mix) 08.Casanova - Casanova (Extended Mix) 09.Alan Brando - One More Time (Extended Version) 10.Tommy Sun - Beach Love (Extended Experience Version)

Elen Cora - House Of Cards

01.Elen Cora - Tell Me Why 02.Elen Cora - Forgive Me 03.Elen Cora - Astronomers in China 04.Elen Cora - Wanna Be Real 05.Elen Cora - Drama 06.Elen Cora - No Less No More 07.Elen Cora - Will You Remember 08.Elen Cora - House of Cards 09.Elen Cora - Tightrope Dance 10.Elen Cora - Days and Dreams 11.Elen Cora - Time After Time 12.Elen Cora - Miles Away 13.Elen Cora - Powerful Little Things 14.Elen Cora - Tell Me Why (Sentimental Version)

Siberian Heat - Mystic Time

01.Siberian Heat - Intro 02.Siberian Heat - Siberian Girl, Siberian Boy 03.Siberian Heat - In Your City 04.Siberian Heat - You Can t Be Mine 05.Siberian Heat - Little Lady 06.Siberian Heat - Just Say Hello 07.Siberian Heat - Magic Blue Eyes 08.Siberian Heat - She s My Girl, She s My Child 09.Siberian Heat - Sorry 10.Siberian Heat - Letters 11.Siberian Heat - Fight For Your Dreams 12.Siberian Heat - Flute Cries 13.Siberian Heat - Angel s Heart 14.Siberian Heat - Elen (Instrumental) 15.Siberian Heat - Vitaly

From Russia With Italo Disco Vol. VIII

01.Riccardo Campa - Japanese Doll (Tokyo-Osaka Mix) 02.Victor Ark & Magic System D.J - Be My Lover (Vocal Mix) 03.The Crosslines - My Heart Is Like An Ocean (LP Version) 04.Phalanx - Modern Hero (Flashback NRG Mix) 05.Italove & TQ - Rhythm Of Love (Extended Mix) 06.George Aaron - Change (Victor Ark Vocal Mix) 07.Digitalo - Girl From Russia (SP Records Version) 08.Clock On 5 - Love Kills (Extended Version) 09.Houdini - Temptation (Extended Version) 10.Riccardo Campa - Ah Ah Ah (Tough Guy Mix) 11.Birizdo I Am - Maybe Baby (Analogue Dance Mix)

From Russia With Italo Disco Vol. VII CD2

01.Dean Corporation - App Me (Italo Dance Mix) 02.Ken Martina - Fool For Love (Short Extended Version) 03.Alan Brando - Don t Let My Heart Say Goodbye (Vocal Mix) 04.Automat 428 - Silence Is Magic (Disco Mix) 05.Boris Zhivago - Deep In My Heart (Short Extended Vintage Mix) 06.Casarano - Butterfly (Extended Version) 07.Michael Rimini - Summertime In My Heart (Extended Version) 08.Casanova - I Love You (Love Mix) 09.Tommy Sun - Love (Fading Away In Time) (Short Extended Dance Mix) 10.Aldo Lesina - Goodbye (Extended Power Mix) 11.Boy Blue - Hold Me In Your Heart (Maxi Version) 12.Valerie Star - Call My Name (Extended Version)

From Russia With Italo Disco Vol. VII CD1

01.Roller Idol Feat. Bonfeel Electro Band - Devil Lady (Extended Mix) 02.Savage - Save Me (Flashback Remix) 03.SuperVox - The Voices (SP Records Version) 04.Marc Fruttero - A Brand New Day (Extended Version) 05.Modern Boots - Tears Of A Broken Heart (Extended Version) 06.Goldy Push - Flexible Love (Extended Mix) 07.Bunny X - Berlin In December 08.Travel Sex - Plastic Doll (Extended Version) 09.The Crosslines - In The Heaven Of The Night (SP Records Version) 10.Brian Ice - Inside My Lonely Night (Extended Version) 11.Male Room - Macho Girl (12 Version) 12.James Manoro - Another Lie (Vocal Version)

From Russia With Italo Disco Vol. VI

01.Gabe Catanzaro Feat. Jon Autry - Never Let Me Go 02.Tobias Bernstrup - 27 (Laser Mix) 03.Clay Pedrini - Ocean (Extended Version) 04.Tiziana Rivale - Flame (Vocal Version) 05.Peter Arcade - Italo Disco (Vocal Version) 06.Gurcam Erdem - Dancing On The Fire (Extended Version) 07.Alden Tyrell And Fred Ventura - Don t Stop (Original Mix) 08.Magic System D.J. - Irene (Extended Version) 09.Mirko Hirsch - Rainy Day In Moskow (In The Night) (Extended 12 Maxi Version) 10.Felli - Musica Maestro (Wizard Mix) 11.Joey Mauro - Rage Against My Time 12.Italobox - My Dream (Extended Version)

From Russia With Italo Disco Vol. V

01.Boris Zhivago - One Day (Original Version) 02.Amaya - Sensation (Extended Version) 03.Boy Blue - The Sadness In Her Eyes (Extended Vocal Mix) 04.Proto Man - Call From Japan (Proto Mix) 05.Neon Game - Live The Night (Extended Version) 06.Aldo Lesina - Romance (Disco Mix) 07.Larabell - Lovde Is Just A Mess (CD Version) 08.Ranger - Don t Play Games (Extended Disco Mix) 09.Joey Mauro & Maya Chan - Japan Kiss 10.Italove - Strangers In The Night (Flashback Ri-Mix) 11.Boris Zhivago - In A World Of Fantasy (Long Fantasy Mix)

From Russia With Italo Disco Vol. IV

01.Momento - I Used To Be (Remix Vocal) 02.Nikita Fomin - I Don t Wanna Lose You (Extended Version) 03.Air Castles & Olegris - Stop (Extended Version) 04.Ken Scott - The Cat (Italoconnection Re-Edit) 05.Tobias Bernstrup - Neon Love (Extended Version) 06.The Sweeps - Optimistic Melancholic (Long Version) 07.The Crosslines - Tired Of Waiting (TDHDriver Mix) 08.Roby & Claudia - I Don t Love You (Extended Version) 09.Ranger - In Your Eyes (Original Extended Mix) 10.Siberian Heat - Magic Blue Eyes (Maxi Version) 11.Nikita Fomin - When You Said Goodbye (Extended Version) 12.Dj s Project - The Last Song (Long Version)

From Russia With Italo Disco Vol. III

01.Glasses - Fall In Love Again (Unreleased Extended Version) 02.Andy Romano - Every Time Feel Allright 03.Tommy Sun - Lover Boy (Extended Version) 04.Diamond Rain - Leave It For Tonight 05.Alan Cook - Casablanca Nights (Flashback Energy Remix) 06.Tom Hooker & Miki Chieregato - No Elevation (Flashback Remix) 07.George Aaron - Nothin Ville (Is A Town)(Vocal Version) 08.Joey Mauro Fulvio Monieri - Streets Of Heaven (Unreleased Extended Version) 09.Mode One - Lost In My Dreams (Extended Version) 10.Albert One - Stay (Extended Version) 11.Wol Vo - Forever (Italoconnection Re-Edit) 12.Boy Blue - Alon Again (Extended Version)

From Russia With Italo Disco Vol. II

01.James Manoro - Always And Forever (Extended Version) 02.Italove - LAmour (Flashback Remix) 03.Ambra - Release (Vocal Version) 04.Nikita Fomin - Stranger (Extended Version) 05.Chito - The Long Tomorrow (Maxi Mix) 06.Flashback Band - Celebration (Party Mix) 07.Elen Cora - Astronomers In China (Maxi Version) 08.Roby Claudia - Stay (Extended Version) 09.The Sweeps - Facing The Night (Extended Remix) 10.George Aaron - Russian Ladies (Extended Version) 11.Fabian Nesti - Tell Me (Vocal Version)

From Russia With Italo Disco Vol. I

01.Magic System D.J. - I Wanna Touch Your Body Now (Extended Version) 02.Siberian Heat - Flute Cries (Maxi Version) 03.Dyva - Harsh Wind (Duro Mix) 04.Squash Gang - When I Close My Eyes 05.Marylinn - Only Mine (Solo Mio) 06.Mode-One - Sometimes 07.Modo - With Or Without You (Vocal Version) 08.Riccardo Campa - The Witch (Original Version) 09.Andy Romano - Don t Run Away (Extended Version) 10.Peter Aresti - Latina Angel (Album Version) 11.Magic System D.J. - Love Me Again (Extended Version)

Boris Zhivago - The Last Goodbye

01.Boris Zhivago - Another Life 02.Boris Zhivago - Rainy Day 03.Boris Zhivago - In A World Of Fantasy 04.Boris Zhivago - In The Streets Of Moskow 05.Boris Zhivago - No More Love 06.Boris Zhivago - Twenty Years Ago 07.Boris Zhivago - One Day 08.Boris Zhivago - Do You Really Love Me 09.Boris Zhivago - Mona Lisa 10.Boris Zhivago - The Last Goodbye 11.Boris Zhivago - In A Land Of No Illusions

Various - Russian Mix Italo Disco

01.Marc Fruttero - Disco Silvia (Extended Version)(Maxis.Disco Silvia) 02.Riccardo Campa - Another Day 03.Roby & Claudia - I Love You (But Do You Love Me) 04.George Aaron - Heaven (L-Ectro Vox Mix) 05.Riccardo Campa - Looking For A Way Out (Extended Version) 06.Karl Otto & Joey Mauro - Electric Love (Extended Version) 07.Felli - Music Man (Wizard Mix) 08.Riccardo Campa - Desperado (Extended Version) 09.Marc Fruttero - Disco Silvia (Extended Version) BONUS 10.George Aaron - Heaven (L-Ectro Vox Mix) BONUS 11.Riccardo Campa - Looking For A Way Out (Extended Version) BONUS